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Jackson Kayak SALE

Our annual Jackson Kayak Sale is going on now on all remaining 2017 boats.

This Facebook post will show all available boats in stock and will be updated when boats are sold.

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CAMPERS: Elevate your outdoor adventure with our revolutionary TEAR-RESISTANT hammocks ==> LIC Kammok .com

ALL KAMMOK ROO V1’s are on SALE 30% OFF NOW!!!

Our team here at Leaf in Creek strives to deliver only the best products to outfit the city-to-trail adventurer. Using premium materials, clean designs, and the highest level of workmanship, we are committed to bringing you gear that will stand the test of time, again and again.

  • Climbing inspired suspension
    Climbing inspired suspension
  • Water resistant compression sack
    Water resistant compression sack
  • Soft and light LunarWave fabric
    Soft and light LunarWave fabric

Custom LunarWave™ ripstop fabric

The only hammock fabric designed specifically for camping, our 70 denier LunarWave diamond ripstop nylon is built to ensure the most comfortable and secure hang, every time.

Super strong
With a 500 lb weight capacity, this high-tenacity diamond ripstop nylon protects against tearing and ripping.

Less weight per square inch than any other hammock fabric with even remotely close strength characteristics.

You’ll stay cool when it’s warm and avoid condensation when it’s cold. It’s quick drying, too.

Less stretch
Diamond ripstop reinforcement dramatically reduces stretch over time, keeping your hammock in shape and adventure-ready.

We break-in LunarWave fabric with a crinkle treatment that ensures out-of-the-package softness and exceptional packability.
LunarWave fabric

Climbing inspired suspension

Kanga Claws™ are engineered to support up to 5,000 lb of force. Double wire gates ensure your hammock won’t slip out while you hang, so you can rest easy all night long.

Racer Slings™ are made of Dyneema, a super-strong synthetic fiber that, weight for weight, is 15 times stronger than steel. Racer Slings support an amazing 2,000 lb of force.
Climbing inspired suspension

Durable compression sack

Pack it in, pack it out. Our integrated compression sack is made of a diamond ripstop fabric so you can pack and unpack your hammock without worrying about frays or rips. With reinforced stress points and an extended the roll top closure, you’ve got a safe space for your Python Straps in each compression sack, too.
Compression sack


Tech Specs

5’7″ × 10′ / 170 cm × 300 cm
Max Capacity
500 lb / 227 kg
Packed Dimensions
5.5″ × 6.5″
Total Weight
24 oz / 674 g
LunarWave™ Ripstop
Stress Points
Reinforced and Bar-Tacked
Triple Stitch and Comfort Seams™
23 kN
Gear Loops
8 Reinforced
YKK Ultralight
High Tensile Strength


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Jackson Kayak Cuda HD

The Cuda HD by Jackson Kayak is a high end fishing yak that gets you from the shoreline to your fishing hole with ease. Wider than it’s brother Cuda, the Cuda HD maintains it’s speed and allows for a much more stable boat for stand-up fishing.

Redesigned hatch covers, a more intuitive cargo area ,and a much better designed seat positioning system makes this HD model a tough choice for other manufacturers to beat.

Follow Leaf in Creek Ambassador & Jackson Kayak Fishing Team member Robert Brown around this boat and learn what all this new boat can offer you.

Check here to see if Leaf in Creek has your new Cuda HD in stock!

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Fidget Spinners

What is a Fidget Spinner?

Do you have ADHD? Even if you don’t, the Fidget Spinner is a toy you won’t want to put down.  Having something in your hands will calm you if you are nervous, anxious, or aggravated.  I have found that spinning my spinner even keeps me from the addiction of checking Facebook constantly.

Coming in different sizes, colors, designs, and quality, one thing they all have in common is a bearing that allows it to spin on it’s axis.

Pick up one today at Leaf in Creek and you will quickly learn the effects the spinner can have on you 😁


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The Fox Box

The Fox Box has now arrived at Leaf in Creek. The Earthpedition® lifestyle yields itself to play hard during the day and look great at night. Everyone wants to look cute, but let’s just be honest, sometimes putting together a new look is difficult. FoxBox makes stye convenient and affordable by offering outfit pairings on some of our favorite new arrivals.


Leaf in Creek receives dozens of new shipments of boutique clothing every week. A couple of months ago we started posting outfit pairings on FaceBook and Instagram. Our customers loved our Leaf in Creek Deals page where we posted outfits and pieces individually, but it became a logistical nightmare. We had to sort through comments, hold pieces, wait for payment, and spend hours communicating to get finished products in the customers hands.

“I absolutely am in love with Leaf in Creek, it’s my favorite store in the mall! I get so excited to see their Merchy Monday post so I can view all the cute clothes coming in.” -Abigail Augustine

Welcome to the Fox Box, the deals page 2.0 foxbox-box

The Fox Box is where you can view the pairings of the clothing and have a unique opportunity to save money too. We’ve priced each piece at 25% below retail, and if you choose to “get the look” and buy the outfit entirely you’ll save an extra 10% off ! We’re making staying on trend affordable and easier then ever for you!   You will now easily be able to checkout through Leaf in Creek’s new fabulous website system and have it delivered right to your door! You’ll also have an option for easy store pick up.

Be sure to follow all our Facebook and Instagram pages as well as the Fox Box Instagram page and the updated Facebook Group. With the new social media algorithms it is so easy to miss what you really want, so follow them all so you won’t miss a thing.  Be sure to tell your friends too, they can easily go to the web at:

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Kammok Wallaby in stock now!

Bought this hammock to lighten my sleeping system for a bike packing trip. I’m 6ft tall and decide not to use it to sleep in, but I was right on the line, any shorter and you should be fine. This hammock has replaced my eno when I go climbing though, it’s much smaller and easier to pack with all my climbing gear.

The Kammok Wallaby is a an ultra-portable and ultra-light hammock, is ready for any adventure. For everyday use from city to trail, this hammock fits almost anywhere – grab one and go!

Just $65 and you can be prepared to lounge where ever you find a great spot to hammock!


Our new 40D diamond ripstop fabric is strong, packable and silky soft

Gravitas Fabric


Have you ever held a cute, fuzzy hamster? Yeah, well this is lighter…and cuter. 10 oz of adventure awesomeness


Included 13 kN Mini Kanga Claws and Racer Slings provide superior suspension


Wallaby in its stuff sack with mini Racer Slings and mini Kanga Claws
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Corkcicle Waterman Share & Win

The Corkcicle Share & Win contest was awesome.  We thank everyone who participated and helped get the word out about Leaf in Creek and the new Corkcicle line.  The Waterman series offers new deep colors but also a texturized finish to aid in grip and durability.

You can find the whole lineup of Corkcicle products at Leaf in Creek and in online shop as well.

Here is the quick video of the Winner!!!

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No Shave November

Guys be sure to check your Prostate! And to thank you for staying healthy enough to adventure we are giving you 10% OFF all your non-sale items at checkout. You just have to mention this video!!! How rad is that!


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Howler Brothers Fall ’16

Looking for the style of outdoors? Take a look into Howler Brothers at Leaf in Creek