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Patagonia Atom Sling – Review

The Patagonia Atom Sling 8L bag is at home on the street, on the trail, or the water.  The Atom 8L is a two pocket sling style bag that is perfect for daily carry or brief excursions into the wilderness.  The main pocket is large enough for a tablet, notebook, fly box, snacks or other necessities.  The Atom 8L has a second pocket on the main pack for smaller items and a clip to attach your keys.  There are also two compression straps on the outside that helps to keep the pack under control and can be used to stow a light windbreaker or rain jacket.

The padded shoulder strap has an expandable pocket that offers convenient access on the go and 3D mesh on the strap and back that allows for plenty of ventilation.  The bag has a durable water repellent finish and the shape of the Atom keeps it close to your body and secure while moving around.  Getting items out of the Atom is as easy as spinning the pack around.

I mainly use the Atom Sling 8L while fly fishing on smaller creeks.  These grab and go trips do not require a lot of gear and so the Atom’s size is perfect.  I can keep two small fly boxes, a leader wallet, and snacks in the main compartment.  The pocket on the should strap holds two spools of tippet material and fly floatant.  There is a small loop under the pocket on the shoulder strap where zingers can be attached to hold hemostats and line snips.

The functionality of the Atom Sling 8L makes it a great option for anyone looking to carry a few items while they get out and venture earth.

~ Robert Brown – Earthpeditionist®

Robert is a Leaf in Creek Ambassador and Member of the Jackson Kayak Regional Fishing Team

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Jackson Kayak SALE

Our annual Jackson Kayak Sale is going on now on all remaining 2017 boats.

This Facebook post will show all available boats in stock and will be updated when boats are sold.

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Jackson Kayak Cuda HD

The Cuda HD by Jackson Kayak is a high end fishing yak that gets you from the shoreline to your fishing hole with ease. Wider than it’s brother Cuda, the Cuda HD maintains it’s speed and allows for a much more stable boat for stand-up fishing.

Redesigned hatch covers, a more intuitive cargo area ,and a much better designed seat positioning system makes this HD model a tough choice for other manufacturers to beat.

Follow Leaf in Creek Ambassador & Jackson Kayak Fishing Team member Robert Brown around this boat and learn what all this new boat can offer you.

Check here to see if Leaf in Creek has your new Cuda HD in stock!

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Howler Brothers Fall ’16

Looking for the style of outdoors? Take a look into Howler Brothers at Leaf in Creek


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Icemule Cooler

Over the last few weeks, I have been trying out 10364057_10100267574216703_4291914910652220628_nan IceMule Cooler. What is an IceMule you may ask? It is a high performance soft cooler that is based on the design of traditional dry bags. The IceMule has no zippers or sewn seams that will leak. To close the IceMule, you simply fold the top three times and snap the buckle. The double-layered shell construction has insulating foam that allows the IceMule to hold ice for up to 24 hours.

Now I know there are coolers out there that will hold ice for days, but that is not the intent of this product. For day trips or overnight camping, the IceMule is great. I had the large IceMule Classic with a capacity of 20 liters. The large has enough room for 12 “adult” beverages and snacks. The cooler is light and has a built in shoulder strap for easy carrying. When not in use, the IceMule rolls up and fits in its own stuff sack for storage.


IceMules come in several designs and sizes that can be viewed on their website or if you are in the Huntsville area, stop by Leaf in Creek Outfitters and check out the IceMule in person.
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Rigging a Jackson Big Rig

A walk-through on how to rig a Big Rig.  Robert, one of our local Angler Crew members shows us the rigging of his Jackson Kayak Big Rig.  Many accessories you can make on your own and some are better off buying from your local Kayak shop.  Remember, buy local, its the only way you get to browse a cool shop.

Get a Jackson Kayak Big Rig HERE now from Leaf in Creek.

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Inflatable SUP illustration

The Evolve Inflatable SUP is great for those who don’t have a way to transport a solid paddle board. It packs into a large sized backpack after being deflated and rolled up and comes with the hand pump and patch repair kit.  These boards do not surf as good as solid boards but hold their own standard paddling.  Wether you enjoy the ocean, lake or river the inflatable SUP will be able to handle it, and sometimes even better than a solid board.  The tough rubber withstands abrasions from sand and rock whereas a solid board would chip or crack.  This makes them great for shallow rivers where you often find yourself in 1ft of water.

The Stability a great.  You still need a board to fit your body size, but being full of air they are extremely buoyant so standing on them is a breeze, this allows the first time rider to become comfortable very quickly.  In really rough surf, like all boards, standing is a challenge and you gain your balance through experience.


Watch the quick illustration of our Evolve paddle boards and come check one out in store soon!