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CAMPERS: Elevate your outdoor adventure with our revolutionary TEAR-RESISTANT hammocks ==> LIC Kammok .com

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Our team here at Leaf in Creek strives to deliver only the best products to outfit the city-to-trail adventurer. Using premium materials, clean designs, and the highest level of workmanship, we are committed to bringing you gear that will stand the test of time, again and again.

  • Climbing inspired suspension
    Climbing inspired suspension
  • Water resistant compression sack
    Water resistant compression sack
  • Soft and light LunarWave fabric
    Soft and light LunarWave fabric

Custom LunarWave™ ripstop fabric

The only hammock fabric designed specifically for camping, our 70 denier LunarWave diamond ripstop nylon is built to ensure the most comfortable and secure hang, every time.

Super strong
With a 500 lb weight capacity, this high-tenacity diamond ripstop nylon protects against tearing and ripping.

Less weight per square inch than any other hammock fabric with even remotely close strength characteristics.

You’ll stay cool when it’s warm and avoid condensation when it’s cold. It’s quick drying, too.

Less stretch
Diamond ripstop reinforcement dramatically reduces stretch over time, keeping your hammock in shape and adventure-ready.

We break-in LunarWave fabric with a crinkle treatment that ensures out-of-the-package softness and exceptional packability.
LunarWave fabric

Climbing inspired suspension

Kanga Claws™ are engineered to support up to 5,000 lb of force. Double wire gates ensure your hammock won’t slip out while you hang, so you can rest easy all night long.

Racer Slings™ are made of Dyneema, a super-strong synthetic fiber that, weight for weight, is 15 times stronger than steel. Racer Slings support an amazing 2,000 lb of force.
Climbing inspired suspension

Durable compression sack

Pack it in, pack it out. Our integrated compression sack is made of a diamond ripstop fabric so you can pack and unpack your hammock without worrying about frays or rips. With reinforced stress points and an extended the roll top closure, you’ve got a safe space for your Python Straps in each compression sack, too.
Compression sack


Tech Specs

5’7″ × 10′ / 170 cm × 300 cm
Max Capacity
500 lb / 227 kg
Packed Dimensions
5.5″ × 6.5″
Total Weight
24 oz / 674 g
LunarWave™ Ripstop
Stress Points
Reinforced and Bar-Tacked
Triple Stitch and Comfort Seams™
23 kN
Gear Loops
8 Reinforced
YKK Ultralight
High Tensile Strength


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Grand Trunk Beach Blanket

When going to the beach you need a towel, sunglasses, sunblock (SunBum duh) and a cooler.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a nylon beach blanket too?  Super light weight and quick drying, the Grand Trunk beach blanket is a fun add-on to your normal beach gear.  Made from parachute nylon, its easy to sweep the sand away and pack up when done.  The large size is great for two people and fun for the whole family to have lunch on.

You don’t have to wait to use it at the beach either.  Use it in the park too or anywhere else you would like some nice nylon bedding to sit on!


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Inflatable SUP illustration

The Evolve Inflatable SUP is great for those who don’t have a way to transport a solid paddle board. It packs into a large sized backpack after being deflated and rolled up and comes with the hand pump and patch repair kit.  These boards do not surf as good as solid boards but hold their own standard paddling.  Wether you enjoy the ocean, lake or river the inflatable SUP will be able to handle it, and sometimes even better than a solid board.  The tough rubber withstands abrasions from sand and rock whereas a solid board would chip or crack.  This makes them great for shallow rivers where you often find yourself in 1ft of water.

The Stability a great.  You still need a board to fit your body size, but being full of air they are extremely buoyant so standing on them is a breeze, this allows the first time rider to become comfortable very quickly.  In really rough surf, like all boards, standing is a challenge and you gain your balance through experience.


Watch the quick illustration of our Evolve paddle boards and come check one out in store soon!

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Labor Day at Honeycomb


Labor Day, when many are off work and the kids are out of school.  What better way than to spend the day out-doors with family.  This day Curtis and Christina took the family to Honeycomb campground on Guntersville Lake.  The four kids stayed in a large tent which allowed plenty of play room for their mess and in case it rained offered an area for family game time.

10646716_285967504942025_22952611619478024_nCurtis and Christina sleept in their ENO hammocks. A Guardian bug net was required of course, Christina wouldn’t have it any other way.  Curtis was glad of the “command” but wouldn’t let her know it.  With any campground around water there are mosquitoes and the netting of any material seems to attract them.  One easy tip to keep them at bay is to spray OFF bug repellent on the Guardian Bug Net.  Pulling it away from the Hammock and spraying keeps the oily residue from getting on the hammock and causing a grease like stain.  NO MORE MOSQUITOES!


Sleeping in hammocks is an adventure in it’s own.  You totally hear everything, whatever your surrounding, the woods or the beach, it is total nature bliss.  Although, being in a campground on Labor Day, there are others who like to stay up till 2am, and you hear that too….


10628547_285967524942023_1173577056148442896_nTaking the Yeti cooler on weekend trips is awesome.  It will hold ice for 7-8 days, but that isn’t really needed for a overnighter or weekend.  However, keeping ice and drinks ice cold and ready is.  With the cooler’s capability of keeping cold so long, it keeps water from forming prematurely and soaking everything in the cooler.  We love our Yeti and it makes a great seat if we need another chair around the campfire.