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Fripp & Folly Shirt Give-a-away

It’s a glass of no-nonsense, we don’t need-no attitude wrapped in a gentlemanly swagger. It’s that look that invites a goodtime and maybe even a little trouble. The South isn’t afraid to get up with the roosters or stay up around the campfire and tell too many stories. It’s a little bit cocky, and a whole lot real. And it’s ready to keep on keepin’ on, no matter what may come its way.

That’s Fripp & Folly

That’s Straight Up Southern

Leaf in Creek’s give-a-away this week is a Fripp & Folly shirt.  These are awesome shirts with great southern style prints and Comfort Colors.


The video below shows the random winner! Cathy Slowik!


Fripp & Folly WINNER! click here to see video clip


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