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HydroFlask Review

The Hydroflask is a vacuum sealed flask for liquids.  The sealed thermo insulation allows the liquid to stay hot or cold up to 24hrs and proved so in all our testing.  One of the great benefits to insulated flasks or mugs is they do not sweat.  Sweating containers are pain, leaving puddles on the table and attracting sand is a nuisance.

The Hydroflask stainless steel has a special coating on the inside much like the YETI® Rumbler does. This coating keeps odors and tastes from infusing into the metal.  Regular stainless mugs and plastic water bottles do not offer this.  Instead, if you put something that is not water inside, the interior walls will absorb the liquid and retain the taste/oder.  If you ever want that refreshing taste of pure clean water again then you are straight out of luck.  The Hydroflask with it’s liner defeats that.

A drawback to the Hydroflask widemouth is it’s insulated screw cap.  The cap does great and keeping the contents cold or hot but keeps you from having that drink quickly.  An addition of the flip top gives you that quick access you like without leaving the container open for possible spillage.

If you like the YETI® products then you will love this one as well.  Even if you are not a Yeti owner, but are looking for an advanced water bottle for your adventures and lifestyle, you will really enjoy the Hydroflask!

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