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Jackson Kayak Cuda HD

The Cuda HD by Jackson Kayak is a high end fishing yak that gets you from the shoreline to your fishing hole with ease. Wider than it’s brother Cuda, the Cuda HD maintains it’s speed and allows for a much more stable boat for stand-up fishing.

Redesigned hatch covers, a more intuitive cargo area ,and a much better designed seat positioning system makes this HD model a tough choice for other manufacturers to beat.

Follow Leaf in Creek Ambassador & Jackson Kayak Fishing Team member Robert Brown around this boat and learn what all this new boat can offer you.

Check here to see if Leaf in Creek has your new Cuda HD in stock!

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Fidget Spinners

What is a Fidget Spinner?

Do you have ADHD? Even if you don’t, the Fidget Spinner is a toy you won’t want to put down.  Having something in your hands will calm you if you are nervous, anxious, or aggravated.  I have found that spinning my spinner even keeps me from the addiction of checking Facebook constantly.

Coming in different sizes, colors, designs, and quality, one thing they all have in common is a bearing that allows it to spin on it’s axis.

Pick up one today at Leaf in Creek and you will quickly learn the effects the spinner can have on you 😁


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Inflatable SUP illustration

The Evolve Inflatable SUP is great for those who don’t have a way to transport a solid paddle board. It packs into a large sized backpack after being deflated and rolled up and comes with the hand pump and patch repair kit.  These boards do not surf as good as solid boards but hold their own standard paddling.  Wether you enjoy the ocean, lake or river the inflatable SUP will be able to handle it, and sometimes even better than a solid board.  The tough rubber withstands abrasions from sand and rock whereas a solid board would chip or crack.  This makes them great for shallow rivers where you often find yourself in 1ft of water.

The Stability a great.  You still need a board to fit your body size, but being full of air they are extremely buoyant so standing on them is a breeze, this allows the first time rider to become comfortable very quickly.  In really rough surf, like all boards, standing is a challenge and you gain your balance through experience.


Watch the quick illustration of our Evolve paddle boards and come check one out in store soon!

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Make your Hawg Trough float!

Here is a quick instructional on how to make your new Leaf in Creek™ Hawg Trough float.  The Hawg Trough is the fish measuring board that most kayak anglers use to measure their fish.  Most tournaments now require this particular board because it is easy to read when taking pictures.

When you buy a Hawg Trough from us or somewhere else, they do not come able to float (however we do have some available with this mod already installed).  You can tie a string to it and keep it from falling out of the kayak and sinking, but with all the rigging in the boat already some times one less rope is grand!

The product we are using today comes from Home Depot.  I am sure you can find it at Lowe’s but I just know exactly where to find it at the Depot.


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Jackson Coosa HD Kayak Review

The Jackson Coosa HD is a new boat this year 2015.  Wanting to create a yak that was smaller than the hefty Big Rig yet retaining some of it’s stability.  We all love the quick and nimble Coosa for it’s light weight and spin-around maneuverability, but small boats often suffer when larger paddlers use them.  Where the standard River Coosa excels with paddler weights around 180lbs, above that range standing in the kayak becomes a little uneasy.  With practice it can be done but sudden shifts of weight can send you overboard.  Prior to the Coosa HD, a paddler over 180lbs that wanted to stand easily to fish were forced to the Big Rig and Big Tuna.  The Big Tuna being a tandem/Solo boat and Big Rig a big flat heavy boat designed for all day standing.  Hands down, the Big Rig is the goto boat for fly fishing, bass flipping, salt flats and more.  However it is very heavy and very slow.  It excels in the lake but lacks in the quick currents of rivers.

Here is where the Coosa HD was designed to fit in, the go between. A little wider, a little heavier, a little flatter, all give the HD that more stable feeling a heavier paddler needs without jumping up to the almighty alheavy Big Rig. However, if you are 250lbs+ the HD will still feel like the standard and these anglers will find it much more comfortable with a Big Rig or Big Tuna.

The HD bow to stern has these features:

  • Bow concave hatch for paddle quick-hold
  • Bow and Stearn hinged hatches
  • Rod Tip Protectors
  • Recessed GearTracs on Port/Starboard gunwales
  • Bungy cord everywhere for tie-down points
  • Floor mats for reduced through-hull noise
  • Removable Center console to clear up cockpit area
  • Line management inside center console
  • Drybag in center console
  • New Elete Seat with stowaway storage underneath
  • 4 seat locations for front/back and high/low positions
  • 3 GearTracs around rear storage area for anchor points on gear, poles etc
  • Adjustable bungy anchors in rear tracks
  • Camera pole mount
  • Drag chain chute
  • Mounting point for PowerPole system


Quick water with the Coosa HD is handled pretty well.  Paddling upstream is a little difficult as the boat is less nimble than its river running brother but is capable of spinning quickly when paddling down stream which is needed when traversing rapids.  Standing in the HD is quite enjoyable.  Even if you just want to stretch your legs you won’t feel that uneasy feeling you get in a boat to small for you.  However, its not the Big Rig, you wouldn’t want to fight a fish standing up as quick movements could still send you overboard.

With the added stability you can easily access the front hatch from your knees without loss of control, and accessing gear behind you is easily done as well.  As your confidence grows you can easily step into this yak from the shoreline by just holding onto the seat.


Overall, this new kayak is a winner.  A great balance for middle weight paddlers and a blast to ride in the quick rivers.

For more detail watch our video review of this yak, and come by and demo it in person at Leaf in Creek outfitters!


Leaf in Creek Outfitters – 256-886-LEAF – info@leafincreek.com