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Demo a Jackson Kayak

Flint River or Guntersville Lake

One of the benefits of purchasing your Jackson Kayak at Leaf in Creek is you have the ability to demo before you buy. If you love the boat or another, you can apply the demo cost to the invoice of a new boat if purchased within 2 weeks of the demo.

I am so glad I demoed the two Coosa models from Leaf in Creek.  It allowed me to see the differences between the two and their usability for my fishing demands. -Eric A.

Find the Right Boat for You

Sometimes it s difficult to determine race-trainingthe boat  you need just by glancing over it at the shop.  The Earthpeditionist can only point you in the right direction based on what you tell them and go through the all cool rigging etc.  However, getting the boat on the water and seeing first hand how it handles can ease your mind that this boat is the one you need.  Some functions to look for when demoing are:

  • Weight of the boat – Is it light enough for me to load and unload my myself?
  • Will the boat safely carry my weight and move efficiently through the water? Size makes different, wider is more stable and can carry more, thinner is less stable yet faster.
  • I may be different than other anglers, is the rigging in the correct areas for my preference?
  • Do I enjoy quick river fishing or the scenery of vast open water.  This preference should point to smaller nimble boats or larger fast boats.

Follow Rules

Have fun with the boat.  The preferred 11260490016_9333f83e68_o-copyplaces are the Flint River and Guntersville Lake.  These two will offer enough water time to give you a good indication if the boat is right for you. We do ask that you follow some simple rules so we can keep this service for others.

  • Wear a life jacket.  We can offer a temp PFD if you do not currently own one.  More people drown than you think, even if you are a great swimmer, flipping over hitting your head may knock you out and keep you under water.
  • Do not paddle over extremely shallow waters, this puts unnecessary “river rash” on the hull.
  • Your demo will come with seat and paddle, do not loose them. If you do, a fee for a new one will be charged.
  • Be sure the kayak is securely fastened on top or in your vehicle. We are not responsible if your kayak becomes loose and flies off causing incident to another vehicle or the boat itself. Any damage occurred will be billed to you.
  • Demos are for one day only.  We prefer you pick it up and return it the same day.  More than one day demos are available and incur a $50 per/day charge.
01Email us at info@leafincreek.com to book

Boats are available for pickup during normal business hours. Please call or email us 2-3 days in advance to reserve your boat or it may not be available for your trip. This also allows us to prep the boat.


  • Tim O'Neal

    Do you have a Jackson Mayfly available for demo?

    • 1:22 pm - June 30, 2017

    • Reply
    • admin

      Yes we do, just give us a call and we can set up a time to try! 🙂

      • 1:11 pm - October 13, 2017

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