1-6 People

Paddle board (SUP) Rental

Leaf in Creek pickup and Paddle the Flint or Hobbs Island!

Hoe He’e Nalu – Hawaiian for Surf with a Paddle.

Stand up paddle boards (SUP) offer a fun, relaxing way to play on the water. With a minimum of gear, you can paddle ocean surf or placid lakes and rivers.

The fastest growing watersport in the world, stand up paddle boarding came from humble beginnings back in 2004 when it first touched down on U.S. shores. It’s now overtaking nearly every body of water in the world. You can do it in oceans, lakes, rivers, and bays – even a swimming pool if you so desire. It’s a great full body core workout, and it’s a whole new way to experience the water in the outdoors. People of all ages, skill levels, and experience can be up and riding in no time. There is even room to throw a small child or man’s best friend on board!

I love paddle boarding, it delivers a full-body workout and has become my cross-training activity of choice. Since I stand at my full height, I can enjoy unique views of everything from fish in the water around me, land animals, and the beautiful views on the horizon.

Rent a board

Leaf in Creek Earthpedition stocks the best bh_paddleboard_yoga_ls_751-copyboards around, from Inflatables to Exotic Invert boards, you can have a quick paddle or beautiful board for a lifetime.

As of now, all rental boards are the EvolveInflatable. A terrific board in 10’6″ and 11″4′ giving you a solid feel with thruster fins.  These boards are perfect for a light whitewater (class 1 & 2) down the local Flint River, and will yield a soft platform for a great yoga workout at Hobbs Island.

Leaf in Creek provides the package with all SUP rental:

  • Evolve Inflatable SUP – sized for your height and weight
  • Bending Branches adjustable paddle
  • Leash – For river running we suggest a no leash approach because you do not want to be dragged by the SUP into dangerous waters.  In flat water and surf a leash will keep your board close to climb aboard quickly if you fall.
  • PFD – The coast guard classifies a SUP as a vessel, hence all paddle boards need to have a PFD available at all times.

Follow Rules

credit card is required for all rentals and will be used to collect payment (for security purposes).

All gear will be checked for damage prior to img_4744-copyrental and again upon return.
Renters are responsible for any damage incurred to the gear during your rental period (whether caused by you, your buddy, or “other”). The cost will be determined by the repair expense or replacement value if beyond repair.

  • Renters are welcome to transport boards to the location of their choosing with their vehicle. We can provide softracks for vehicles without roof racks to carry a aximum of two boards.
  • Are you a beginner? Consider our private Intro to SUP lesson. Our certified instructors teach proper stroke technique, river knowledge and other tips with an emphasis on safety. You’ll be paddling correctly, confidently and having FUN in only one 90-min lesson.
  • All boards are due back when your rental time is over.  a $20 per hour charge is due if late
01Pickup at Leaf in Creek

Pickup the SUP at Leaf in Creek Earthpedition® at Parkway Place Mall. It is just a short 10min drive to one of our favorite put-ins at HWY 72 and Flint River bridge. You can also drive about 15 minutes south to Hobbs Island and enjoy the great scenery around the island.

Departure Date People Group Trip Status Prices
  • one day rental 1 person open 50 Book Now
  • 2 Day Rental 1 board per person open $75 Book Now
  • Weekend -Friday -return on Monday 1 board per person open $100 Book Now